Monday, April 16, 2012

Making a point

Following some frustration with one set of points in the main yard, it was time for some serious point work to be done.

The points were cut out and stripped off all rail, the stock rails being reused. From the many recycled sleepers I have around the place I got together enough ties to make the new point base. These were glued and nailed to two support timber bearers which can be seen in the photos. The frog was tidied up and soldered to a brass plate, to prevent any creep. 

New switch blades were made from some surplus brass rail, milled to a sharp point then touched up to suit with a file and dremel cut off disc.

As can be seen it's helpful to keep testing you're progress, I do this with a small Bachmann dump car. The small diameter wheels help to show up any faults. 

The point, following all other parts and wiring being carried out was installed in the garden, it just needs to be filled with ballast. 

Meanwhile, heres a few other happenings...

This building is going to come out soon to get some attention.

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