Saturday, April 14, 2012

Steam Tram Roof

Today I did some work on what will become the tram's roof.

I had pondered whether to make it out of balsa wood, styrene or tinplate. I settled on the later for the main curved section, and balsa for the end sections. The photos show how I went about putting it together. 

First I started with the tin for the main, scribing the edges, folding back inwards underneath for strength, then soldering strip bracing for reinforcement inside. 0.5 mm piano wire was used to make formers at the ends of the roof sections, where the prototype is curved off. This was the trickiest part so far, trying to get the right shape. 

Following soldering of the bracing to the bent wire, balsa strips were cut using the balsa stripper tool I have see here: and here: 

The strips were then interwoven in the frame I had made and glued in place, followed later by application of Squadron putty and Mr Surfacer 1000.

The next part to attack is sanding back the ends to a smooth curvature and fabricating the clestory roof.

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