Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baldwin Steam Motor Construction

Recently I have had a bit of time to get back in the garden….

Firstly trains are running again, following a great deal of repair work, with a new set of points being fitted for better running in the main station, Peach Tree.

The most interesting developments have been made in regards to rolling stock:

I'm starting to build a model of a Baldwin Steam Tram Motor, as used by the early NSW tramways, I say NSW because they were used in Sydney, Newcastle and Broken Hill, as well as some other locations. 

Heres a few links to what I'm trying to replicate in model form:

I started construction by obtaining a Bachmann Motor Block for one of their trolley cars (trams), cutting out a footplate from thin ply and starting on the walls of the tram out of styrene. 

Below are some photos that should speak for themselves:

Wall of the tram motor from styrene.

Plans blown up to scale.

Lids from food tins and jars are handy...

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