Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baldwin Steam Motor connecting rods

Following on from my last entry, I have done some more work on my Baldwin Steam Tram Motor, as seen below I have made up the cylinders from aluminium and fabricated slide bars from brass. 

I started with modifying the Bachmann Trolley motor block, making rods to fit the wheels which really only go along for the ride. 

The footplate was cut out to accept the chassis and additional rods.

One of the cylinders turned from aluminium, with slide bar forced into it's locating hole

Showing how the footplate fits over the chassis.

The next images depict making the connecting rods and the crossheads/slide arrangement from brass.

One set of connecting rods installed.

Also I have been making up a small shack to house the isolating switches for my main station's yard. The roof will be able to be taken off during operating sessions.

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