Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just under a year ago, I ventured into Garden Railways, in a corner of the back garden which needed some TLC. Today, there are 2 separate railway lines, one for the longer tender engines and one of the smaller tank engines and short wheel base stock. Rollingstock is a splattering of L.G.B. and Bachmann, which has been tinkered with along the way.....

Track was laid by acquiring suitable brass rail and cutting, lets say 'enough' sleepers. The rail was then nailed to the sleepers in the garage in 6 foot lengths, and then taken out to the garden and laid in situ. Buildings, well, at this point there isn't many of them, two station buildings, a couple of platforms and a small wooden shop kit under construction from Smith Pond Junction's online shop. 

The trestle that spans a considerable length of the wider radius region of track was constructed from maple, from templates drawn up and assembled in sections in the garage, then joined out in the garden.
Here are some video links: